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Full-time Local Security Officer for the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre

la Agentia GNSS European (GSA) - Sistemul Global de Navigatie prin Satelit in Brussels in Brussels, Belgium

Title of function: Local Security Officer for the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre (GSMC LSO)
Vacancy Reference Number: GSA/2013/538
Deadline for applications: 01.01.2013 by 23:59 hours (CET)
Type of Contract: Temporary Agent
Place of employment: Initially Brussels, to be relocated to St Germain en Laye (FR)
Grade: AD 7
Contract Duration: 5 years Monthly basic salary1: €5.568,11
Institution: European Global Navigations Satellite System Agency

The GSMC Local Security Officer will be responsible for security matters in both GSMC sites (UK and FR):
- Managing requests for security authorisations: sole contact point within the GSMC for the submission of requests for security authorisations by officials to the GSMC.
- Maintaining security authorisations: must maintain and supervise an up-to-date register of all posts that require a GSMC's security authorisation.
- Reporting breaches of security and compromise of European Union Classified Information (EUCI): must immediately report all suspected, attempted or actual security breaches which may have Information EUCI, following appropriate procedures (e.g. to the GSMC Technical Officer, GSMC Manager, and pre-determined counterparties depending on the type of breach or compromise).
- Monitoring the movements of security authorised personnel: in consultation with the human resources unit, send the names, personnel numbers and security authorisation certificates of staff that leave the post for which they received the security authorisation to relevant authorities. These staff is debriefed by the GSMC Local Security Officer prior to departure to make clear all confidentiality rules related to the GSMC and to confirm that EUCI handled by the official has been properly stored, protected or destroyed and that it will not be taken by the official to the new post.
- Monitoring and reporting on security incidents and events on the GSMC, including infrastructure, equipment and personnel.
- Contributing to security training/awareness briefings: responsible for providing regular update briefings for personnel within the GSMC and upon request to other GSA personnel.
- Maintaining the legal framework for and organize the transfer of the Galileo classified information needed by the GSMC to the GSMC Registry.
- Promoting security awareness: takes every opportunity to promote security awareness (whether general, personal or EUCI-related) within the GSMC.
- Checking EUCI registry operation: supervises the activities of the GSMC Registry Control Officer regarding the handling of EUCI and compliance with relevant security measures. This shall include checks on the operation of EUCI registries and their compliance with the provisions of Commission Decision 2001/844/EC.
- Developing EUCI emergency evacuation and destruction plan: undertakes the development and maintenance of emergency evacuation and destruction plans, following the guidance laid down by the European Commission (emergency plans for the destruction or evacuation of EU classified material).
- Contributing to business continuity plans of the GSMC in areas related to his/her responsibilities and in areas related to staff emergency evacuation or relocation (to the other GSMC site).
- Assuming general security responsibilities: ensure that good security practices are operated at all times in the GSMC; work closely with the GSMC Technical Manager and with the GSA Local Security Officer in resolving security failings; monitor the implementation of any recommendations made by the European Commission Security Directorate (HR.DS) inspectors and security supervisors following security audits/inspections of the GSMC; carry out checks on compliance with the relevant security rules and Security Notices in the GSA; build contacts and cooperate with the Local Informatics Security Officer (LISO) of the GSMC and of the GSA;
- Managing security keys and combinations: has overall responsibility for ensuring the proper handling and storage of security keys and combinations used in accredited security areas in accordance with the European Commission rules.
- Defining procedures regarding the use and access policies of any security related systems of the GSMC (e.g. Access control systems and CCTV monitoring systems, personal badges) belonging to the GSMC dedicated infrastructure (valid for France) or put partially to use for the benefit of the GSMC (valid for UK, and France general security environment (access to military base)..
- Procuring for and managing the contract and use of guards whenever needed to maintain security accreditation of the sites. Providing support to the CDA COMSEC Officer for the generation, registration and distribution of crypto material delivered by the GSMC.
- Participating, upon GSMC management requests, in the GNSS Security Accreditation Board (SAB), the GNSS Security Board (GNSS SB) and their subordinate bodies activities in the relevant subject areas.
- Participating in security accreditation tasks, especially audits/inspections carried out by the Galileo Security Accreditation Panel and GSA information systems, when required to do so.
- Supporting the GSA Local Security Officer and the GSMC technical team in preparing and implementing the GSMC part of a GSA Information Security Management System, as defined by the ISO standard 27001.
- Preparing security annexes to industrial contracts and contributing to the maintenance and evolution of the European GNSS Industrial Security Framework (e.g. the European GNSS Programmes' Security Instructions).
- Producing all information supporting the preparation and maintenance of the GSMC accreditation file requested by the Galileo Programme, as defined mainly in the Galileo System Accreditation Strategy (SAS), System Security Requirement Statement (SSRS) and Security Accreditation and Certification Plan (SACP).
- Establishing and maintaining the security procedures jointly with the parties hosting the GSMC facilities in UK (NATS) and in France (Camps-des-Loges) as well as relevant security authorities in order to obtain and maintain both the Galileo Accreditation of the GSMC the status of 'National Critical Infrastructures' (COUNCIL DIRECTIVE 2008/114/EC of 8 December 2008 and their relevant implementation national legislations) in both countries.
- Providing support to classified meetings organized by GSMC staff or hosted in GSMC premises.
- Liaising with relevant authorities and partners.
- Keeping himself or herself informed of the technologic developments in the field of security.
- Managing aspects of EC-GSA Working Arrangement on Security matters relating to the GSMC in close cooperation with the GSA Local Security Officer
- Liaising with the Agency Data Protection Officer (DPO), for matters related to the GSMC.
- Contributing to the GSMC and GSA Risks management.
- He/she may be designated as local Fire and safety manager and/or contributor to fire immediate response teams.
- Performing other relevant duties as required.
In his/her duties, he/she may be required, outside regular office hours, to regularly contribute to "on call" roster, being in pre-defined periods of time able to: (1) react by phone to job related task and/or (2) come back on site within a pre-determined reaction times.
- Location: Permanent locations: Brussels (Belgium) initially, followed by a permanent relocation in France Saint-Germain-en-Laye and/or the UK in Swanwick once the relevant site is fully ready (mid 2013 to 2014 time frame expected). Although France is currently being considered the default location for this post, from 2015 onwards this position could be assigned a definitive location in the UK.
- Frequent missions and detachment to France, UK, and occasional ones in other locations, mainly to Belgium (Brussels after permanent relocation) and Czech Republic (Prague).
The above tasks and responsibilities will be conducted in English language.
The tasks and responsibilities regarding relationships with French authorities and Camps-des-Loges personnel (e.g. application of critical infrastructures and other security matters) will be conducted in French language.

For your application to be considered by the Agency, you must meet the following criteria:
1. a) A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma when the normal period of university education is four years or more,
b) A level of education which corresponds to completed university studies attested by a diploma and at least one year of appropriate professional experience when the normal period of university education is three years.
c) Where no such degree has been awarded and “professional training of an equivalent level” has been accepted as an alternative in the selection procedure.
2. In addition to the above, to possess appropriate professional experience of at least six years (Ad 1a) following of the award of diploma; ad 1 b) following the end of professional experience; ad 1 c) following the end of the professional training mentioned) in positions relevant to the aforementioned duties;
3. Be a national of a Member State of the European Union;
4. Be able to serve a full 5 year-term before reaching the retirement age of 65;
5. Be entitled to his or her full rights as citizen;
6. Have fulfilled any obligations imposed by the applicable laws concerning military service;
7. Meet the character requirements for the duties involved;
8. Have a thorough knowledge of one of the languages of the European Union and a satisfactory knowledge of another language of the European Union to the extent necessary for the performance of his/her duties; and
9. Be physically fit to perform the duties linked to the post.
If your application is eligible, you will be selected for an interview based upon the following criteria:
1) Essential qualifications and experience: Very good experience relevant to the above described tasks and responsibilities;
i. Proven track record of handling classified material, including issues related to EU or national security;
ii. Experience of defining and enforcing industrial security rules and associated legal matters;
iii. Experience of security audits and inspections;
iv. Very good experience of implementing relevant provisions for the exchange, handling and storage of classified information; Excellent communication skills in English and French language;
2) Desirable qualifications and experience:
- Experience of working in line with EU security regulations (e.g. Commission Decision 2001/844/EC, ECSC, Euratom, Council Decision 2011/292/EU7) and international security standards (e.g. ISO standard 27001);
- Experience in Security Accreditation domain, in particular if experience in security-related matters of the Galileo programmes;
- Experience in the application process and management of security clearances;
- International working environment experience;
- EU knowledge useful for the post (Knowledge of the Galileo System or EGNOS and PRS design, the institutional framework and functioning of the European Union).
- Experience with emergency and business continuity planning;
3) Behavioural competences:
- High level of motivation and self-drive;
- Ability to work comfortably without close supervision, yet know when to involve others and provide feedback;
- Sharing information and supporting team members in the attainment of common goals;
- Ability to adapt easily to changing priorities and multitasking;
- Ability to take decisions at the right time, based on best available evidence and analysis, within the limits of your own authority and uncertainty;
- Capable of effectively communicating ideas to others and ensuring mutual understanding, using clear and non-technical language.

For applications to be considered valid, candidates must submit an email to jobs@gsa.europa.eu with a subject line of „SURNAME_Name_VacancyReference Number‟ and which contains the Agency‟s approved application form (Download it here: http://www.gsa.europa.eu/go/document/application-form) This form must be:
- Completed in English;
- Fully completed, pointing out the professional experience relevant to this position (incl. calculation of years, months);
- Printed, signed and clearly scanned in;
- Named as follows: SURNAME_Name_VacancyRef.number (e.g. SPENCER_Marc_GSA.2012.549)
- In Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat (pdf) format.
The application will be rejected if it is not duly completed, if it is not signed by hand or if it is not provided in the prescribed format.
Source: gsa.europa.eu.

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