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Contract agent Sofer - Comisia Europeana

la Comisia Europeana - Directia Generala Comunicare in Valletta - Malta

Function group I – Driver

This selection procedure relates solely to the function of driver. As an indication, the main tasks are carried over under the supervision of an official or temporary agent and are the following:
• driving vehicles for the transport of passengers and/or goods;
• technical and administrative preparation of the vehicles (maintenance);
• loading and unloading of vehicles;
• occasionally driving VIPs at specific ceremonies (members of the Commission, etc)
• administrative work and logistical support.

On the closing date for applications, candidates must fulfil the following conditions:
1. General Conditions
The European institutions apply an equal opportunities policy and accept applications without distinction on grounds of racial or ethnic origin, political, philosophical or religious belief, age or disability, sex or sexual orientation, marital status or family situation.
You cannot be recruited as a member of the contract staff unless you fulfil the following conditions:
• be a citizen of one of the Member States of the European Union;
• enjoy your full rights as a citizen (to be declared in the application form);
• have fulfilled any obligations imposed on you by the laws on military service (to be declared in the application form);
• meet the character requirements for the duties involved (to be declared in the
application form);
• meet the physical fitness requirements for the job in question.
2. Minimum qualifications required
You must have successfully completed your compulsory education, as evidenced by a schoolleaving qualification.
You must hold a valid car driving licence.
3. Professional experience
On the closing date of publication of this call for expressions of interest, candidates must have at least 5 consecutive years' experience as a driver in order to be admitted to the selection.
4. Knowledge of languages
• Main language (L1): Thorough knowledge of one of the official languages of the European Union
• Second language (L2): a satisfactory knowledge3 of English, French or German; language 2 must be different from language 1 above.
Candidates may choose just one of the 23 official languages of the European Union as their main language (L1). This choice cannot be changed after validation (official receipt) of their application.
Candidates will have to prove a satisfactory knowledge of the official language of the Member state concerned.

Candidates must complete the application form below in French, English or German.
Acte EN.DOC Acte FR.doc Acte DE.doc
Candidates are asked to provide a copy of the following official documents (scanned versions if sent by email) certifying the information in their application:
- a document proving their citizenship (identity card or passport);
- a certificate demonstrating that they have attained the required level of qualifications;
- their driving licence;
- references demonstrating five years of experience in the occupation in question.
These documents must clearly state the start and end dates or the exact period of employment.
Failing that, the following documents, for example, will be accepted: contracts of employment accompanied by the first and last pay slip and the last monthly pay slip of each intermediate year where the contract lasted longer than one year; employment record books; tax statements.
All the documents listed above are essential for the application to be eligible. Unless they are received by the deadline stipulated, the application will be deemed null and void.
Successful candidates who are to be offered a job will, at a later date, be required to produce the originals of all the requisite documents for the purpose of certification.
Applications must be sent:
by e-mail to: COMM-CAST-CHAUFFEURS@ec.europa.eu
-by post to the following address: European Commission
DG COMM L-56 06/60
Rue de la Loi 200
B-1049 Brussels, Belgium.
They will be considered received on the date of receipt of the email or letter (as evidenced by the postmark). Once officially received, applications can no longer be amended as the information therein will be immediately processed for the purposes of the selection.
Applications which do not meet all the admission conditions and the criteria laid down in the call for expressions of interest (points C and D) will not be considered. All candidates not admitted to the selection procedure will be informed by email or by post.

The closing date for the submission of applications is: 31st August 2012 at midnight (Brussels time).

No application will be accepted after this date (as evidenced by the date the email is sent or the letter is postmarked).
It is vital for candidates to have a valid e-mail address throughout the selection process. Any communication between candidates and the Commission will be exclusively by email.
Consequently, any question relating to this selection procedure must be sent by email to: COMM-CAST-CHAUFFEURS@ec.europa.eu.

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Contract agent Sofer - Comisia Europeana la Comisia Europeana - Directia Generala Comunicare in Paris - Franta 15-09-2012

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