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Full-time Asistent - Directia Administratie si Finante

la Comitetul Regiunilor (CoR) in Bruxelles, Belgia

Job Title: ASSISTANT (M/F)
Institution: Committee of the Regions
Reference: CDR-AST1-AST3-19-13
Directorate: Directorate Administration and Finance
Unit/Service: General Administration Unit
Function Group: AST
Grade: AST
Management: No
Location: Brussels
Deadline: 13/09/2013 12:00

The official will have the following main tasks:
Administrative support for the head of unit:
providing the head of unit and administrators with operational and administrative support: drafting and typing correspondence and preparing memos and other texts;
attending unit meetings, taking minutes and following up completion of tasks;
managing unit staff attendance using the appropriate tools (Centurio, SysPer2);
preparing administrative files with a view to recruiting staff to the unit;
forwarding and following up messages and official documents;
monitoring the unit's work schedule.

Administrative, operational and budgetary management of missions:
administering and managing the budget for CoR staff missions: acting as initiating agent for processing mission requests, mission expense accounts, travel agency invoices, etc.

Other tasks:
managing access rights for ABAC and Centurio for all CoR staff: checking that the rights granted are in line with decisions taken;
managing the budget for mobility and the contribution to public transport costs: acting as initiating agent, monitoring the budget, providing the authorising officer with information.

Who can apply? (eligibility criteria)
On the closing date for applications and without prejudice to the other provisions of Article 28 of the Staff Regulations, each applicant for a permanent position within the Committee of the Regions must prove that he or she is an established official or a successful candidate in an EPSO competition for an appropriate grade.

Qualifications and skills required:
- Good knowledge of current IT tools and, specifically, of Excel and Word,
- Thorough knowledge of at least two European Union languages; for operational reasons, very good knowledge of either English or French is necessary and satisfactory knowledge of the other would be an advantage,
- Knowledge of the Financial Regulation applicable to the general budget of the European Union and its rules of application would be an advantage,
- Good judgment,
- Ability to work in a team,
- A professional attitude and awareness suited to the role and responsibilities described above,
- Sense of initiative,
- Discipline and organisation,
- Good interpersonal skills and diplomacy,
- Integrity and discretion.

All applicants for this vacancy must complete in full the electronic application form available at: https://candpvc.cor.europa.eu/FormPVC.aspx?m=i&culture=en.
To be valid, the application must be complete and accompanied by an up-to-date CV, a covering letter and all of the following supporting documents:
- for applicants submitting an application under Article 29(1)(a)(i) – transfer (open only to established officials of the Committee of the Regions): proof of current grade;
- for applicants submitting an application under Article 29(1)(a)(ii) – appointment in
accordance with Article 45a (certification): proof of current grade, proof of successful
completion of certification procedure;
- for applicants submitting an application under Article 29(1)(a)(iii) – promotion (open only to established officials of the Committee of the Regions): proof of current grade, which must be immediately below the minimum grade in the range specified for this vacancy. The applicant must have occupied his or her current grade for at least two years on the closing date for this vacancy;
- for applicants submitting an application under Article 29(1)(b) – inter-institutional transfer: proof of current grade in the institution of origin;
- for applicants who have passed an EPSO competition for officials: EPSO competition number, candidate number and proof of having passed an EPSO competition for the function group and grade mentioned in this vacancy notice.

Closing date: 13 September 2013 at midday (Brussels time).

Source: http://cor.europa.eu/en/about/jobs/Documents/CDR-AST1-AST3-19-13/EN.pdf

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